Web Design.

All our websites are designed with supreme attention to layout, graphics, and user friendly interface. This is to ensure that all visitors to your site are well taken care of and will not get frustrated trying to find information. We also provide predefined content to ease the creation of the site for you.


We currently design websites using technologies such as html,xhtml, AJAX, Flash, php/mysql among others. What this means is that you have the most advanced web creation technologies working for you. We are capable of designing any website that suits your needs.


CMS (Content Management System)

A CMS website is one where you can manage content in your site without having to get back to us. This allows you to completely take control of your site as far as content is concerned. Some of the cms systems we use are Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress (for a blogging website) to mention but afew.


Website Redesign.

If you are unhappy with your current website, we can redesign it for you. Sometimes you can get a website done that just doesnt feel right in terms of colors, graphics and text used. After all, a website is supposed to augment your company image and not work against it. Please contact us if you feel that you would like your site redesigned.


Advanced Website Functionality.

We are capable of incorporating advanced functionality into any website. phpWe have experienced software developers on hand to increase/develop advanced functionality at a minimal price. Please contact us with any specifications you may have.



Pricing for our websites start at kshs10,000 for a simple informational site. this is the usual five page site that describes your company, what it does, some of your products, company history and mission, and your contacts. Such a site is what most businesses use.



We can provide you with a fully fledged ecommerce site that accepts online payments. This is a full featured solution that is designed to sell any kind of products that you may have woldwide.

Domain Resellers.

Start your own Domain Registration, Webhosting firm with a deposit of only kshs 5,000. The 5,000 is not a fee, its a deposit from which every domain purchase, webhosting plan that you sell is deducted. Also, there are no monthly/yearly fees! You get 2 complete websites: one is to recruit customers and another is to recruit resellers under you. You have complete flexibility to set prices for a wide variety of IT products. Please have a look at the following links


This Link shows the kind of customer website you get.
This Link shows the kind of reseller website you get.


Web Design:

We plan, design and implement websites from the simplest sites to full ecommerce websites. Our prices for a simple site design (the usual 5 page site) start at kshs 10,000.


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CMS Websites:

We offer CMS (content management system) websites as well. These are websites which allow you to change the content by yourself without having to know about website development.

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Domain Registration:

We can register whichever domain you may require, from toplevel domains (e.g. .com), to subdomains.

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We offer hosting services using our world class servicers based in the U.S.A. We guarantee a total uptime of 99%.

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Customized Software Development:

We are also able to undertake customized software development. We specialize in the .NET platform for desktop applications.

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Existing Software Solutions:

We have a number of pre-existing software solutions that are capable of fulfilling most of your software needs.

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Logo Design:

We have the ability to design for a high quality logo that can be used to further your business. Our logos are designed to be eyecatching and pleasant to look at.

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Our Contacts:

email: info@webpaints.net

Tel: +254722767422.


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